Saturday, 8 November 2014

November Quilting Bee!

So this month, we're making a Sawtooth Star... Perfect with Christmas coming up! Adapt it to make cushions or even little Xmas tree decorations and gift pouches!


Here's what you need.....

2 or 3 different fabrics to cut the following:

Fabric A - 
4x 3.5" squares
2x 3&7/8 squares, cut once on the diagonal to give 4 triangles

Fabric B - 
4x 3&7/8 squares, cut once on the diagonal to give 8 triangles

Fabric C (or A again if you choose just 2 fabrics) - 
1x 6.5" square

Once you have your fabrics cut, lay them out as they will be placed in your finished block (see below)

The Fabric A squares make up the corners, and half of the squares around the edge (the beige fabric in the image below)

Fabric B makes up the outer squares with Fabric A (red & Aqua in the image below)

Fabric C is the centre square.

I started by sewing together the triangles to make up the outer squares as below. You are sewing along the LONGEST edge of the triangle. It might be best to press your seams open...

Once you have done this, snip any "ears" off your squares that you made up in the last step & then separate out into rows, as below

Sew each row, top first, then middle (outer pieces first, then attach both to the centre square, see below) and finally the bottom row.

Press your seams to the LEFT in the top & bottom rows and RIGHT for the Middle so that you can best your seams nicely! 

And that's it! Not too bad huh?!